New Releases

Dark Star Hyperdrive Edition

John Carpenter's directorial debut is a low-budget, sci-fi satire which focuses on a group of scientists whose mission is to destroy unstable planets. During their journey, they battle their alien mascot (who closely resembles a walking beach ball), as well as a "sensitive" and intelligent bombing device which starts to question the meaning of its existence... [more...]


Puppet Master Box Set

(Puppet Master 1-5)


Subspecies Boxset

(Subspecies 1-4, Vampire Journals)


The Pit and The Pendulum

It is the time of the Spanish Inquisition. Maria does not like what is going on during the "Auto De Fe". When she speaks out, she is arrested and accused of being a witch. Torquemada has plans for her! He orders her tortured, and her tongue to be cut out. Her husband attempts to free her... [more...]