Pirates' Treasure

Triple Pack including The Crimson Pirate, The Buccaneers and Long John Silver [more...]


The Buccaneers VOL. 1

The Buccaneers is based on the true story of England’s attempts to destroy the Caribbean’s pirates’ stranglehold on shipping routes in the New World. Produced in England at the famed Nettlefold Studio sound stages in Walton-on-Thames. The Buccaneers features the famous British actor Robert Shaw (Janus, Man For All Seasons) as Captain Dan Tempest, a pardoned ex-pirate, and Peter Hammond (The Avengers) as Lt. Beamish, the Crown appointed deputy governor of New Providence in the Bahamas... [more...]


Tarzan & The Green Goddess

Tarzan and a team of explorers has recovered the Green Goddess – an ancient Mayan token containing the formula to a powerful explosive. On their trail is evil enemy agent Raglan, as well as the Guatemalan natives that want their idol back. Tarzan must keep the Green Goddess safe until he can stop Raglan from learning the secret of the ancient weapon... [more...]


Tarzan The Fearless

Olympic Gold Medallist Buster Crabbe stars in Tarzan The Fearless, based on an Edgar Rice Burrough’s story. Tarzan has the task of protecting Mary Brooks from the evil-doings of the High Priest of Zar, God of the Jewelled Fingers. At the same time, Tarzan must save himself from a bounty hunter who is on his trail when a reward is put out for the capture and return of Tarzan to civilization. [more...]


Tarzan's Revenge

Eleanor, (Olympic Gold Medalist Eleanor Holm), her parents, and her sweetheart Nevin (George Meeker) are on safari, hunting big game in the jungle when, without warning, Eleanor is captured by Sultan Ben Alieu Bey (C. Henry Gordon) who wants to add her to his 100 woman harem. Tarzan (Olympic Gold Medallist, Glenn Morris) comes to her rescue, but then vies for her affection himself. [more...]


Long John Silver

In this fully restored widescreen edition, faithfully restored to full Cinemascope glory, Long John Silver turns up on a British Caribbean island, after his Treasure Island adventure, and hears that rival pirate Mendoza has taken the ship carrying the governor's daughter...and his young friend Jim Hawkins.... [more...]


The Crimson Pirate

In the late 18th Century, Captain Vallo (Burt Lancaster), his trusty mute partner Ojo (Nick Cravat) and his crew of nefarious pirates scour the Caribbean searching for ships to plunder. This light-hearted action romp has everything you would expect from a pirate film: scurvy men, and a pretty damsel in distress (Eve Bartok)... [more...]


The Giant of Marathon

Steve Reeves, cinema’s most famous muscleman, stars as the real life hero of Greek history. In The Giant of Marathon, Reeves plays Philippides, an Olympic champion who helps save Greece from Persian invasion. His glamorous co-stars are French sex-kitten Mylene Demongeot and Italian temptress Daniela Rocca. Jacques (“Curse of the Demon”) Tourneur directs with uncredited assistance from Mario Bava, who also acted as cinematographer. [more...]


The Phantom Serial

In the first screen appearance of The Phantom™ , Tom Tyler plays The Ghost Who Walks in this exciting 15 episode serial. Assisted by Devil, The Phantom™ takes on a ruthless gang searching for the lost treasure of Zoloz. With the aid of Devil, and his loyal tribesmen, the Phantom™ protects another expedition which includes Diana Palmer. To do this, he must also fight a gigantic ape, treachery from within the expedition, wild animals and many more deadly dangers. [more...]


Buck Rogers

Preserved in a state of suspended animation for 500 years, buck rogers and young buddy wade are brought back to life by future earth scientists. They awaken in the year 2500 A.D. and planet earth is in a state of emergency under the rule of Killer Kane and his super gangsters... [more...]


Flash Gordon Serial

When a ravaging plague strikes the Earth, it threatens no less than global extinction. This alien disease, called the “Purple Death” is believed to be the evil spawn of “Ming the Merciless”, Emperor of the planet Mongo, amd the most merciless interplanetary villain to ever strike fear into the hearts of men... [more...]