Black Eagle

There are no armies, There is no glory, This fight is one on one.

After an F-11 gets shot down over the Mediterranean Sea, the U.S Government cannot afford to lose the top-secret tracking device that was on board. But unfortunately, the KGB team led by the infamous Andrei (Jean Claude Van Damme) are beating the CIA in the race to find it, so the CIA calls in their best man, master martial artist Ken Tani (Sho Kosugi) – code named, BLACK EAGLE. Andrei (Van Damme) faces off against Tani( Kosugi) in an epic fight of two martial arts titans.

Actors/Credits: Jean Claude Van Damme, Sho Kosugi

Special Features:
Short Film "Monaco Forever"
– Van Damme's first film role (31 mins)

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