The Bobo

He flees from the bulls so that he may chase the chicks!

Unsuccessful singing bullfighter, Juan Batista (Peter Sellers) arrives in Barcelona to seek fame and fortune, and meets a famous theatre manager. He begs for a chance to sing, which he is given, provided he can seduce in three days, the most beautiful woman in Barcelona, Olimpia (Britt Ekland), Olimpia is a shrewd and merciless woman who effortlessly collects apartments and Maserati sports cars, while leaving a trail of broken hearts behind her. Juan accepts the challenge with gusto, and pretends to be the emissary of a rich count.
Sellers’ performance is one of his most charming and touching as the film carries you along their most unusual courtship until he finally melts her heart and wins her over. Made just one year before “The Party”, the combination of Sellers and Ekland on screen together is intoxicatingly romantic.

Actors/Credits: Peter Sellers, Britt Ekland, Adolfo Celi, Hatti Jacques

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