The Buccaneers VOL. 1

The Buccaneers is based on the true story of England’s attempts to destroy the Caribbean’s pirates’ stranglehold on shipping routes in the New World. Produced in England at the famed Nettlefold Studio sound stages in Walton-on-Thames. The Buccaneers features the famous British actor Robert Shaw (Janus, Man For All Seasons) as Captain Dan Tempest, a pardoned ex-pirate, and Peter Hammond (The Avengers) as Lt. Beamish, the Crown appointed deputy governor of New Providence in the Bahamas.

In true swashbuckling tradition, CaptainTempest and his former pirate crew of his swift ship The Sultana, take on the Spanish privateers ravaging the Caribbean. Receiving the King’s pardon in return for giving up a life of piracy, Tempest and his stalwarts confront the privateers on the high seas. Swordplay abounds, as the forces of the Crown struggle to defeat the pirates, including the infamous Blackbeard. Many of Britain’s finest actors took part in the series.

Episodes: Blackbeard, The Raider, Captain Dan Tempest, Dan Tempest’s War with Spain, The Wasp, Whale Gold, The Slave Ship, Gunpowder Plot, The Ladies, The Surgeon of Sangre Rojo.

Actors/Credits: Robert Shaw, Peter Gammon

Special Features:
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