Chariots of the Gods

Based On The Best Selling Book By Erich Von Daniken
Was God An Astronaut? The Amazing Story Of Earth’s Unsolved Mysteries.

“Fifty million stars in our galaxy have the potential of supporting life forms capable of travelling to other planets” Erich von Daniken

The filmed version of the best selling book gives stunning visual proof, that some form of life from outer space landed on Earth centuries ago.

It took five years for von Daniken to document, on film, the physical evidence of visits by galactic travellers who came to earth. Just what they did here, and the influences they left behind, are the core of this film.

In search of basic truths, this film, CHARIOTS OF THE GODS, takes the viewer into the far reaches of underground caves and tombs, and to the tops of desolate mountains on every major continent to show the evidence von Daniken has collected. Although his controversial film provides the answers to age old mysteries, it may also be the beginning of an entirely new set of questions.


Special Features:

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