Class of 1984


Wonderful and shocking punk rock version of the teen gang movie. When new teacher Andy Norris (Perry King) arrives at Lincoln High, he unwittingly pits himself against a gang of punks led by Peter Stegman (the legendary Timothy Van Patten who shocks the audience with a beautiful self-written piano solo). As Norris continues to investigate the punks' behaviour, he finds he and his wife caught up in a violent world of high school brutality. Some of the best and worst moments in video history are caught within the action-packed 94 minutes. Absolutely fantastic cult film, which deserves many, many viewings. Features an early Michael J. Fox performance and theme song “I Am The Future” performed by ALICE COOPER.

Actors: Perry King, Timothy Van Patten, Michael J. Fox, Roddy McDowall
Director: Mark Lester

Special Features:
16 x 9 Widescreen restored print
Audio Commentary by director Mark Lester.
Stills gallery
Scene Selection
Dolby Digital Audio 5.1
Alternate TV footage
Trailer TV spot

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