The Crimson Pirate


In the late 18th Century, Captain Vallo (Burt Lancaster), his trusty mute partner Ojo (Nick Cravat) and his crew of nefarious pirates scour the Caribbean searching for ships to plunder. This light-hearted action romp has everything you would expect from a pirate film: scurvy men, and a pretty damsel in distress (Eve Bartok)
Shot on location in the Meditteranean and directed by the veteran Robert Siodmak (The killers, The Spiral Staircase) this delightfully upbeat, cartoonish adventure story was the template for tone and style of the Pirates of the Caribbean. A light hearted adventure involving prison breaks, an oddball Scientist, sailing ships, naval fights, and tons of swordplay.
A firm family favourite, its nothing less than an edge-of–your-seat joyride. 'The Crimson Pirate' is pure joy. Maybe the most entertaining movie of the 50's - as far as 'pure entertainment' concept goes, and one of the greatest adventure movies ever made. Burt Lancaster was then at the apex of his powers.

Actors/Credits: Burt Lancaster, Eve Bartok, Nick Cravat

Special Features:
Scene Selection; Burt Lancaster Filmography

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