The Secret of Dorian Gray

In the late 60's in London, the model Dorian Gray (Helmut Berger) meets an aspiring actress Sybil Vane and they fall in love. Meanwhile, his friend Basil Hallward finishes his painting of Dorian, who fascinated by the picture, proposes to the devil to exchange his soul for permanent youth and beauty... [more...]


Class of 1984

Wonderful and shocking punk rock version of the teen gang movie. When new teacher Andy Norris (Perry King) arrives at Lincoln High, he unwittingly pits himself against a gang of punks led by Peter Stegman (the legendary Timothy Van Patten who shocks the audience with a beautiful self-written piano solo). As Norris continues to investigate the punks' behaviour, he finds he and his wife caught up in a violent world of high school brutality... [more...]


The Killing of America

THE KILLING OF AMERICA was co-written and co-produced by Leonard Schrader. Unlike his brother Paul’s dramatic recreations of the collapse of the American dream in TAXI DRIVER, HARDCORE & LIGHT SLEEPER, Leonard’s observations in this latter day mondo movie are based purely on the facts. THE KILLING OF AMERICA rises above genre contemporaries like FACES OF DEATH by posing serious questions about America’s gun laws and the cost of freedom. [more...]