The Killing of America

THE KILLING OF AMERICA was co-written and co-produced by Leonard Schrader. Unlike his brother Paul’s dramatic recreations of the collapse of the American dream in TAXI DRIVER, HARDCORE & LIGHT SLEEPER, Leonard’s observations in this latter day mondo movie are based purely on the facts. THE KILLING OF AMERICA rises above genre contemporaries like FACES OF DEATH by posing serious questions about America’s gun laws and the cost of freedom. [more...]


Chariots of the Gods

The filmed version of the best selling book gives stunning visual proof, that some form of life from outer space landed on Earth centuries ago.
It took five years for von Daniken to document, on film, the physical evidence of visits by galactic travellers who came to earth. Just what they did here, and the influences they left behind, are the core of this film... [more...]


Mein Kampf

Every metre of film is authentic German footage, uncovered in the secret archives of the SS Elite Guard and suppressed by Goebbels himself, as too strong even for his own savage propaganda. MEIN KAMPF has created a sensational international impact and has been hailed as a stunning historical document. It has created a storm of controversy wherever it has been shown throughout the world while reaping enthusiastic reviews and acclaim. [more...]