Flash Gordon Serial

When a ravaging plague strikes the Earth, it threatens no less than global extinction. This alien disease, called the “Purple Death” is believed to be the evil spawn of “Ming the Merciless”, Emperor of the planet Mongo, amd the most merciless interplanetary villain to ever strike fear into the hearts of men.
The world’s only hope rests with Flash Gordon, the planet-hopping hero, who blasts off in his rocket ship to search and destroy the source of the deadly dust rays. Flash Gordon - one of the greatest and most entertaining serial heroes ever created. And Ming the Merciless - one of the greatest villains in serial history.

Actors/Credits: Buster Crabbe, Charles Middleton, Carol Hughes

Special Features:
Classic Buster Crabbe commercials; 1932 Olympic footage of Buster Crabbe; Photo Gallery; Buster Crabbe Biography.

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