Full Strength Horror Box Vol. 2

From the vaults of horror meister Charles Band and his Full Moon studio, come five more of his very best horror movies: Dark Angel, Intruder, Parasite, Subspecies, Demonic Toys.

Dark Angel
A demoness from Hell, Veronica Iscariot, ascends to the human world above and decides to punish the wicked and evil with an unrestrained bloody vengeance.

Gory, slasher mayhem from Evil Dead co-writer Scott Spiegel, this claustrophobic thriller is set entirely in a small supermarket where with the resident maniac busily butchers the night crew (including Sam Raimi) using all the tools of the trade (hooks, axes, knives, power tools.)

In the future, cities are ravaged by nuclear fallout and controlled by ruthless corporations who have developed a mutant pair of flesh-eating parasites. One parasite is living inside one of the scientists who created it. The other has mysteriously escaped.

The evil vampire lord, Radu, returns to his hometown, after spending years in exile. He steals the precious bloodstone, which is said to be bleeding from all saints, from his father, and kills him.

Demonic Toys
A botched bust on a pair of arms dealers inadvertently leads to the raising of a sixty-six-year-old demon with the power to bring toys to life under his control. The Demonic Toys attack.

100 Years of Horror
Host Christopher Lee takes us on a cinematic journey through the dark nights and forests of the best in horror cinema history.

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