The Giant of Marathon

The most famous hero of Ancient Greece!

Steve Reeves, cinema’s most famous muscleman, stars as the real life hero of Greek history. In The Giant of Marathon, Reeves plays Philippides, an Olympic champion who helps save Greece from Persian invasion. His glamorous co-stars are French sex-kitten Mylene Demongeot and Italian temptress Daniela Rocca. Jacques (“Curse of the Demon”) Tourneur directs with uncredited assistance from Mario Bava, who also acted as cinematographer.

Actors/Credits: Steve Reeves, Mylene Demongeot, Daniela Rocca

Special Features:
War of the Trojans – Steve Reeves reprises his role as the Trojan hero Aneas. After escaping the fall of Troy, Aneas leads his people to the banks of the river Tiber to found a settlement that will eventually become Rome. Duration: 1:29:39

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