The Killing of America – Uncut

The film the American authorities didn't want you to see!

A hard-hitting shock-u-mentary about the rise of violence in the home of the brave. From the assassinations of John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy to the violent protests against the Vietnam war. From the ritual murders by Charles Manson’s ‘family’ to the rise of serial killers like Ted Bundy, Son Of Sam and John Wayne Gacy. From random sniper attacks on innocent civilians to the mass suicide of the Jim Jones cult in Guyana. THE KILLING OF AMERICA shows the real violence of America and the truth is often more disturbing than fiction.

THE KILLING OF AMERICA was co-written and co-produced by Leonard Schrader. Unlike his brother Paul’s dramatic recreations of the collapse of the American dream in TAXI DRIVER, HARDCORE & LIGHT SLEEPER, Leonard’s observations in this latter day mondo movie are based purely on the facts. THE KILLING OF AMERICA rises above genre contemporaries like FACES OF DEATH by posing serious questions about America’s gun laws and the cost of freedom.


Special Features:
Punishment;: Scene selection

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