Miracle Rider


In 1930s Texas, Tom Morgan (Tom Mix) joins the Texas Rangers following the murder of his father, to avenge his death and follow his path as an advocate for Indian rights. A blood brother of the Ravenhead tribe calls on Tom to help stop the ruthless villain, Zaroff, from terrorizing the Indians in order to gain control of their land. Zaroff has discovered that the tribe’s land is rich in deposits of a mineral that is a crucial ingredient in his “X-84”, a super-secret. High-powered explosive, which he believes will make him the richest man in the world. Zaroff and his men stop at nothing in their efforts to kill Tom and frighten the superstitious Indians, but nothing can defeat a dedicated Texas Ranger. The bad guys live to regret mixing with Tom in this wild combination of science fiction and western adventure.

Actors/Credits: Tom Mix, Joan Gal, Charles Middleton

Special Features:
Tom Mix Bio; Photo Gallery; Chapter Selection

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