Puppet Master 2


The puppets return the original master, Andre Toulon, back to life in order for him to help them kill and collect brains for more fluid for them to live off for another half century. And when a new group of paranormal researchers come to the they are hunted down one by one for their brains and when Andre sees Carolyn Bramwell who looks just like his dead wife Elsa, everything goes to hell. A new puppet, Torch, brings a fiery retribution from Andre Toulon with the help of his friends:
Tunneller – has a nasty habit of boring holes into people’s flesh with his drill bit head;
Leech Woman – regurgitates killer leeches which suck her victims dry;
Pin Head – strangles his victims with his powerful vice-like hands;
Blade – has a gleaming hook for one hand and a razor-sharp knife for the other;
Jester – the brains and meanest of the bunch.

Actors/Credits: Collin Bernsen, Steve Welle

Special Features:
Featurette – with interviews and the making of Puppet Master ; Special Effects Wizardry of Academy Award Nominee David Alle

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