Puppet Master 3


Set in Berlin during WWII, the Nazi regime is attempting to develop a drug that will animate the dead, in order to use in the war effort. Toulin arouses suspicion as a Nazi dissident, and his secret is discovered. During a Nazi raid on his home, Toulin's beautiful wife is murdered. Toulin vows revenge, with the help of his animated puppets:
Six-Shooter – the new and deadly puppet packing a pair of six-shooters;
Tunneller – has a nasty habit of boring holes into people’s flesh with his drill bit head;
Leech Woman – regurgitates killer leeches which suck her victims dry;
Pin Head – strangles his victims with his powerful vice-like hands;
Blade – has a gleaming hook for one hand and a razor-sharp knife for the other;
Jester – the brains and meanest of the bunch.

Actors/Credits: Guy Rolfe, Richard Lynch, Ian Abercrombie

Special Features:
Featurette – with interviews and the making of Puppet Master 3

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