Puppet Master 4


Two heads are better than one, especially for Decapitron, the new head-swapping leader of Toulon’s puppets. Surveiilance. Morphing. Weapons. Each of Decapitron’s heads has its purpose and each wull be put to the test when Blade, Tunneller, Pinhead and the other pint-sized dynamos go head-to-head with their most sinister enemy yet: a team of terrifying totems. A young scientist working on an artificial intelligence project becomes the target of strange gremlin-like creatures who are determined to kill him and terminate his research. By coincidence, in one of the rooms he uses, there’s a mysterious case containing the puppets of the original ‘Puppet Master’. When brought to life they take on the totems.

Actors/Credits: Gordon Currie, Chandra West, Ash Adams

Special Features:
Featurette – with interviews and the making of Puppet Master 4

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