Future Cop 3

Time waits for no man... Deth Lives…

Jack Deth was just beginning to get his life back together after the last trancer incident. Now he's been timejacked back to 2247 in order to save Angel City from a new wave of trancers. His mission - find the origin of this new wave of trancers, and destroy it. With the help of Lena and R.J., a trancer camp escapee, Jack learns that the new trancer program is government sponsored, and that his usual shoot-everything-that-moves attitude might not work this time. With R.J. and Shark, a crystal powered android, Deth will have to find a way inside the trancer program and shut it down.

Actors/Credits: Tim Thomerson, Helen Hunt, Melanie Smith, Andrew Robinson, Megan Ward.

Special Features:
Featurette – The Making of Trancers III (10:00 duration);
Scene Selection

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