Whip and the Body – Uncut

“One of the most deliriously romantic horror pictures ever made”

The controversial sado-masochistic horror masterpiece from Mario Bava, censored in almost every country when initially released, now presented in the uncut widescreen European version. Part mystery, part thriller, part ghost story and one of the most deliriously romantic horror pictures ever made. Regarded by many as Mario Bava’s finest film of all. Newly-wed Nevenka’s (Daliah Lavi) ex-lover – her husband’s brother – the sadistic Kurt (Christopher Lee), has come back to claim her and they engage in a secret and taboo encounter. The next day Kurt is found dead, but somehow he continues to return to harass the masochistic Nevenka.

Actors/Credits: Christopher Lee, Daliah Lavi, Tony Kendall

Special Features:
Audio Commentary by Tim Lucas, editor of the Video Watchdog; Scene Selection; Biographies; Original American Main Titles; Photo Gallery; Alternate Movie Soundtracks; Trailers: Whip and the Body (French); Blood & Black Lace (American); Subtitles – English and Spanish options; Languages – English and Italian options.

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